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Whilst physical violence is one form of domestic abuse, abuse also can be threats of violence, harassment, intimidation, sexual abuse, psychological and emotional abuse, financial abuse and controlling behaviour.

Many people are victims of domestic abuse including men and women. Abuse may come from partners, spouses, family members or others.

Domestic abuse should not be tolerated and if you are suffering from domestic abuse, you should seek advice regarding your options and how you can best protect yourself and any children.

We can provide legal advice and assist in applying for protective Orders from the Court. For example, you may wish to apply for a non-molestation order (an ‘injunction’). A non- molestation order provides protection by prohibiting a person from acting and behaving in a certain way and also from instructing or encouraging other people to do so.

Applications can also be made for occupation orders which regulate who should live in the property. An occupation order can exclude a person from a property if this is needed for the protection of a party and/or the children.

Non-molestation orders and occupation orders have powers of arrest attached to them and so if the terms of the orders are breached by a person subject to the orders, they will be arrested.

Applications can be made on an emergency basis at very short notice. You should therefore seek advice as early as possible in you are suffering from domestic abuse and need protection.

It is also important to seek support for practical and emotional issues and there are various organisations who can provide such support. For example:

Womens Refuge –

Womens Aid –

Male support –