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Many issues can be discussed in mediation including issues arising out of parties separating, arrangements for the children and financial matters. Parties will explore the various issues with the assistance of the Mediator with a view to the parties reaching joint decisions about the future arrangements.

Mediation is a voluntary process and it is important to remember that the Mediator will remain impartial and will therefore not take sides. Neither will the Mediator advise or make decisions for the parties – the decisions are made by the parties.

It is often beneficial for parties to seek legal advice during the mediation process although this is not a requirement.

The process is confidential and any discussions held are ‘without prejudice’. This means that if an agreement cannot be reached during mediation, parties will not be held to any proposals discussed in mediation.

Mediation can be a very positive way of resolving disputes. As it is driven by the parties, parties control the pace of the process and the issues to be dealt with. There is therefore less pressure on parties than can be the case if Court proceedings are underway. It also means the process can result in agreements being reached more quickly and this often means more cheaply. Further, as the parties are working together, it is often a more amicable way to deal with matters.

Mediation is not always appropriate and there may be reasons why mediation should not happen in a particular case.

Family mediation is one of the few areas of family law where legal aid is available, subject to qualifying financially.

If you would like to consider mediation we will be happy to meet with you to explain the process in more detail and consider whether mediation will be suitable for you. Please contact us on 01206 577676